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The world is changing ever faster. Companies have shorter lifespans. And the rapid adoption of new technologies forces you to disrupt your own business before others do. This rate of change enables constant action-driven innovation. How? Our team of strategists and creative thinkers help you navigate the rough sea of innovations. Taste your company’s future challenges and opportunities and benefit from innovation not only tomorrow, but also today. Luvix develops concrete solutions and concepts based on cutting-edge innovations and trends that deliver direct results. Differentiate yourself directly and grow your short-term profit.

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You shape the new world

The key to becoming future-proof is in truly understanding your business and your market. Great results start with new valuable insights. However, getting an objective big-picture view as an insider is often very difficult. That’s where Luvix comes in. We step into your world and show you where your organization can leverage new technologies. Once the ideas and visions are there, we help you implement and test them. We empower you to make a lasting impact on the future. Because in the new world, real impact is made by great minds who dare to take the next step. Be proactive. Be the frontrunner.

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Growing with practical innovation

Technology is all around us, changing how we live and work. As innovation accelerates, the new challenge is to select and combine the right technologies for your situation. This often feels like a distraction from your core business but is vital for long-term survival and short-term growth. We help you set up an innovation ecosystem that helps you stay ahead. How? Our specialized services range from mapping your future to launching your own corporate startup. Want to act fast? In the Luvix Sprint, we deliver a testable prototype of your new business or company optimization within a week. This is the modern pace.

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At Luvix, we combine creativity and research with amazing technical skills. The motto ‘work smarter’ definitely defines us as a team. We are always on the lookout for digital innovation opportunities for your company and want to share our knowledge and inspiration with others. But we all agree: sipping a beer at our office couch and playing retro games on our RaspberryPi after a long week is one of the best Friday feelings in the world.

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